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Imogen started singing as a feisty toddler. She began piano lessons at age 5 and insisted on electric guitar lessons at the impressionable age of 12. She soon decided that her instruments would mainly be useful for an understanding of harmony and musical theory, for composing her own songs, and to act as an accompaniment for her voice.

Imogen has sung in bands, in musicals, in choirs, in studios. She is qualified in classical singing to grade 8 and has had tuition from a range of teachers in different styles. Her voice is described as warm, honest and melodic, ideal for an accoustic set, soulful ballads, new age music or soundtracks.

Imogen's singing career started in 1989, when she was soloist for title music for BBC TV's series 'The Birth of Europe.

She is singer for Terry Oldfield (brother of Mike Oldfield ~ Tubular Bells). She is main vocalist on 3 albums:

4Illumination 4 Spirit of Tibet 4Out of the Depths

Several of Terry's songs featuring Imogen have been selected for 2 further compilations:

4Reflections: The Best of Terry Oldfield
4All the Rivers Gold



The album's closer, "Celtic Blessing", is a mellifluous track that again spotlights Moore's beautiful voice. On this piece, she soliloquises over the gentle harp accompaniment.

Out of the Depths:

The lapping waves of sound that ride Terry's flute and the alluring siren-like vocals of Imogen entice you deep beneath the surface, where whale song provides an emotive counterpoint for a haunting lyrical plea. Voted "New Age Album of the Year"!

(scroll down, select track 2 'Hear My Plea' / 4 'Mya Vin Rys' / 9 'Dyfuna')

Imogen's voice can be heard singing out across Telford in Shropshire every hour, as her voice was used for the music written by Terry Oldfield for the Telford Time Machine - a large novelty tourist clock in the shopping centre designed by Kit Williams.

Imogen has sung in salsa band Orquesta Cache, where she has performed at Mezzos, at the Saatchi and Saatchi party and at Glastonbury. Click here for info on Orquesta Cache

She enjoys her folky accoustic repertoire with the talented guitarist and song-writer Mark McKinnon. And she is currently working in a covers band with some excellent musicians who are also successful music producers

This year Imogen has recorded vocals for UK's best selling children's author Julia Donaldson, for the forthcoming Macmillan Audio Book & CD pack 'Room on the Broom and Other Songs'


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